Diamonds At La Mine d'Or

A diamond from La Mine d’Or has only one purpose: to be the perfect symbol for the love you share. Your diamond will sparkle throughout your life journey, capturing a brilliance only matched by the gleam in the eyes of the receiver. Not any diamond will do.

How do we do that?

La Mine d’Or diamonds are carefully handpicked by our own GIA qualified diamond experts who insist on the most beautiful stones, those with overflowing brilliance & sparkle.
It is important that we offer our guests the highest degree of integrity. We procure diamonds from the most legitimate sources, who adhere to the Kimberley Process of ethical rough diamond origin. To ensure the accuracy of our grading, each diamond is certified by leading laboratory when they are loose graded, not “mount graded”.
We offer the absolute best value for money to our customers. This is achieved through our experience and contacts in the global diamond industry. Our diamond buyers are offered fresh parcels of quality stones at the best market prices. “Rejection” diamonds may work for some retailers but not La Mine d’Or. They could never measure up to our exacting standards.
The confidence we have in our medley of gems is so great we’ll guarantee your diamond for a lifetime. If that’s not enough, we offer the largest selection of loose diamonds and mounted diamond jewellery in the region. At the most competitive prices.
Diamonds are all about passion, emotion, and love. You will cherish your diamond from La Mine d’Or.

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