The La Mine d’Or name is the result of decades of fine jewellery craftsmanship, quality service, and professionalism. We are pleased to announce that the 2018 year has marked our 40th Anniversary in business. It’s a special moment for our team.

As we continue to proudly serve our community we always look back and remember our heritage. The past successes that have made us who we are today. At La Mine d’Or we will continue to maintain time-tested and proven methods that have made us successful. The diamond & jewellery industries are changing. We will adapt to the changes in our industry and continue to look for new opportunities. It is a bright future. 

From each of us at the La Mine d’Or family we would like to thank the community for supporting us in our journey. We are grateful to our employees, our valued customers, suppliers, and to the community of New Brunswick. 

La Mine d’Or are proud to be a bilingual company and we will continue this tradition that we had started over 40 years ago. 

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