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Do you have a cute, funny, romantic, or unique proposal story you would like to share? We would love to hear it. You would be surprised at some of the creative stories we have heard over the years. If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to us via email at, post it on our Facebook page, or send us a letter.

Here are a few stories and ideas we’ve heard over the years.



Spelling your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Get into bed, turn the lights off, and wait for the inevitable gasp.



Spelling out your proposal with refrigerator magnets.






A young man boarded a plane for Dallas with a huge armful of beautiful red roses.  He was on his way to ask the love of his life to marry him.

As he walked down the airplane aisle, he handed each passenger a rose and showed them a picture of his fiancé-to-be who would be meeting him at the gate. 

At his request, as each passenger left the plane upon landing they walked up to the surprised and curious young  woman and handed her a rose with a word or two of good wishes.  When her arms were full of roses the passengers began laying the rest of them around her feet.





The day my daughter Amber was born seventeen years ago was a proud and happy moment for Jimmy and me.  Like all new parents we were so proud we could burst, and Jimmy hovered anxiously over my bed all that first day as I held Amber in my arms.

Unlike today when a mother and child are typically out of the hospital in twenty-four to forty-eight hours, Amber and I spent four days there before being discharged.  Jimmy spent as much time with us as he possibly could.

Every morning Jimmy teased me about my thorough examination of Amber as though I thought they would bring her to me some morning with parts missing  -- hands, arms, fingers, toes all present and accounted for.  But on our last morning in the hospital, as I performed my daily inspection, I was shocked to find a little envelope tucked into the front of Amber's diaper.  What on earth were these people doing?

I gently slid the envelope out of her diaper, finding that rather than paper, the envelope was made of the softest satin.  I carefully opened the envelope to find a note that read, "Look in the bottom drawer of your nightstand".  I handed Amber to Jimmy, who was looking on intently, and climbed out of bed to look in the nightstand.

there I found another note which read:


Our lives have changed forever

From now on it will only get better and better

 To remind you of this precious time

A special gift is yours to find


At the bottom of the poem it read, "When you're finished with this note, ring for the charge nurse."

I pushed the button and almost immediately the nurse walked in with her little pill tray in hand and handed it to me with a smile.  There was the familiar assortment of pills, but in the center was a little box wrapped in pink paper with a shimmering red bow on top.  "What's this?" I asked, to which the nurse just shrugged her shoulders.





Every Saturday morning, without fail, my sister Joanne and I meet for coffee at our favorite cafe.  When the weather is nice we sit outside and the waitress who has been serving us for years brings us our order without even having to ask us what we want.  We have comfort food and girl talk, and it's the highlight of my week.

So, it was Saturday morning and we were re-hashing the week's events and I found myself voicing the same old lament . . . that my boyfriend of three years was never going to make a serious commitment to our relationship.  At 45, I was ready to settle into something more than just a steady weekend date.

Even though Joanne listened patiently I sensed that she was distracted, and I finally asked her what was so interesting behind me?  She leaned toward me and whispered, "Don't turn around, but there's a guy behind you with a hat and sunglasses that looks like he's trying to eavesdrop.   I wonder if he's delusional and thinks he's a spy!"   At that we giggled and continued our conversation in quieter tones.

A few seconds later I heard the chair behind me scrape the cement as our "spy" moved closer.  This guy was definitely a kook who was much too interested in what we were saying.  So I proceeded to launch into a tale of how I had met a fabulous bodybuilder earlier in the week and we were having a passionate affair.  I added that I was thinking about breaking up with Thomas to run off with this new guy.

CRASH!  In trying to strain to listen to what I was saying,  the guy behind us actually fell over backwards, and I was so startled that I jumped up and managed to tip our whole table over -- coffee, toast and all.  What a mess and what a noise!  Everyone on the patio was looking at us!

I turned to give this guy a piece of my mind and absolutely could not believe the sight of my Thomas righting himself and his chair and trying to maintain some small semblance of dignity.  "What on earth do you think you're doing?"  I yelled.

"Well, believe it or not honey.  This was a well-planned attempt to propose in a very unique and romantic way.  It just didn't turn out exactly as I had planned!"  With that, he pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket and took my hand.

"Janet, don't you even think about running off with some other guy!  You're my girl, and I want you to be my wife!  Will you marry me?"









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