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Gold has always been held in high regard for its adornment and beauty. It’s also considered the symbol of love. It speaks volumes both in language and in culture; for instance, we live by the “golden rule,” and a person may be faced with a “golden opportunity”. In ancient civilizations, gold was associated with the Sun Gods and was adorned only by royalty. It was also used as currency in many cultures.

Today, gold is still considered a symbol of affluence. It also plays a major role in many monetary systems and has significant industrial applications in the production of electronic circuits and communication devices. Gold is very precious indeed.

Gold has many properties that make it ideal for use in coinage and jewellery. It’s impervious, i.e. it does not oxidize or tarnish, and it’s the most malleable and ductile metal on the planet. It can be easily blended with other metals to make it stronger. Its colour and lustre make it one of the most attractive metals. And most importantly, it is rare.

We wouldn’t be called La Mine d’Or (French for The Gold Mine) if we didn’t have any gold jewellery. In fact, we have such a wide selection of gold jewellery that we couldn’t fathom putting it all on our website. Whether its gold chains, bracelets or earrings, we can get every style, every karat, and every colour you desire. Just come in and tell us what you need, we’ll find it. We are a “Gold Mine” after all.

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