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Canadian Diamonds

For decades, the 4Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight – have served as the universal guidelines for choosing and grading a diamond. Today, there is a 5th C to consider: country of origin, namely Canadian.

To certify its origin, every Canadian diamond is accompanied by The Canadian Diamond Certificate™. Every certified Canadian Diamond is laser inscribed with a unique certificate number. This certificate number allows its owner to access comprehensive information about their diamond, such as the tracking of the diamond from the mine to the retailer’s showcase, along with the diamond’s grading information.

For a diamond to receive The Canadian Diamond CertificateTM, the processes in which it took part must be in full compliance of the strict guidelines set forth in the Canadian Diamond Voluntary Code of Conduct. Established in 2002, the Code delineates a set of guidelines for authenticating a Canadian diamond claim. The Code is meant to ensure transparency and accuracy for consumers of Canadian Diamonds. The Code is endorsed by the Competition Bureau of Canada and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), and is an assurance that the diamond originated from a mine in Canada.

Furthermore, Canadian diamonds are mined under the most environmentally responsible standards with the greatest amount of social responsibility and First Nations involvement.

La Mine d’Or is proud to offer a wide selection of Certified Canadian Diamonds.


 Canadian Diamond Voluntary Code of Conduct consumer brochure.


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