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ClIQ® featuring Superfit® Technology

The most beautiful and expensive piece you own- probably doesn’t fit. That is why each CliQ® design marries beauty & brains for the most luxurious feeling in fine jewelry. CliQ® jewellery is a contemporary manifestation of classically romantic design on the outside. Internally, Superfit® Technology ensures our rings will not twist, turn, or ever be difficult to remove. CliQ® jewellery is the only bespoke option for jewellery. Each piece is designed and custom crafted to fit, perfectly, at the base of your finger. You deserve a ring artistically designed and expertly crafted that fits comfortably and presents perfectly in its natural position.

All CliQ® jewellery products are handmade and crafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA by Superfit Inc. The same company that has been known worldwide since 1993 for its flawless technical precision and the finest custom fit in jewellery. Superfit® technology was developed for those with difficult to fit knuckles such as professional athletes or those who suffer from arthritis. Superfit® Technology allows the ring to open and close on a virtually invisible, patented hinge system that is easy to handle, completely secure, and blends in seamlessly to fine jewelry. Superfit® and CliQ® offer the only jewellery products with the reassuring "Click" of confidence.

CliQ® -Love Fits.

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