Holiday Shopping Made Easy!

So the holiday season snuck up on us once again, and some of us may be more excited than others. However, this year we are here to tell you, Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be complicated! We are sure we have something for every type of person on your shopping list. Whether or not you or the one you’re shopping for falls into one of these categories, these top 10 gifts ideas are sure to be a hit!

“The Guy Who Has It All”


These Gucci cufflinks are for the “Has It All” business man in your life! From his perfectly pressed suit, down to his  polished shoes, he just seems to have it all together, all the time! Don’t panic thinking about what to buy him this year, this is where our Gucci cufflinks come in. These designer sterling silver cufflinks are a classic gift that can be worn as an everyday accessory.


“Toys Are Not An Option This Year”


It happens so quickly, one year your daughter is asking for the latest toy on the shelf and the next year toys are the furthest thing from her mind. So why not make this big milestone in her life that much more exciting and treat her with her first birthstone and diamond ring. These bezel set birthstone rings are a sentiment that she definitely can’t outgrow, a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come!


“The Guy That Doesn’t Ask for Anything”


You might know a guy whose style, technology and accessories have remained the same for the last two decades (but who’s counting anyway, right?). We’ll give you a hint for the man who doesn’t need the latest technology to make his world go ‘round (but don’t tell him it was us).  This Tissot Heritage watch is a classic 1936 Mechanical, swiss-made timepiece that has literally stood the test of time. Let’s be honest though, there is no going wrong with a classic watch like this no matter whom you want to buy it for!


“Extensive Wardrobe Fashionista”


Does your shopping list include a lady who seems to have a never ending supply of clothing and accessories? Honestly you wonder what her closet looks like in real life, and if you know what it looks like you probably hope you never have to search through it for an article of clothing. If by chance this lady happens to be your spouse, don’t waste time looking for a gift for her this year because we have the most unique piece of jewellery to add to her collection! This rose gold necklace with its impressive 25.64ct charcoal grey hematite and pure white topaz gemstone, surrounded by diamonds,  is such a one of a kind piece. You can be sure she has nothing quite like it!


“Anniversary and Christmas Combined”


So you might have accidentally forgotten to get her an anniversary gift this year, well why not make up for it and get her one of these fashionable rings that are great for achieving the stacking ring look (which is huge this year)? Whether she ads this to her wedding set or mixes it up day to day, these rings are a sure way to make up for the lost brownie points! Don’t worry we’ve got your back no matter the situation!


“Brand Names are Always a Hit”


Some people are on top of all the latest trends in the fashion world and are always able to name a brand when they see one. If you know someone like this, you are going to want to buy her this Gucci 18k yellow gold necklace and earrings set. A brand name that absolutely cannot be missed!


“Stocking Stuffer Christmas”


Has anybody else ever agreed to keep the gifts “small” this Christmas?  Here is a pair of rose gold diamond hoop earrings we are sure would fit as a stocking stuffer! Diamond hoop earrings are not only a classic piece of jewellery, they are a must have accessory for every woman. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Christmas shopping has never been this easy!


“Living Life on the Fast Track”


You might know somebody who just can’t seem to slow down, even during the holiday season. Whether they are driving or flying through life we have the perfect watch for their style. The Autavia, a combination of “AUTomobile” and “AVIAtion”, is suited to fit the “Fast Track” lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful gift like this one!




“She Has Everything”


Because “She Has Everything”, she will most likely insist that she doesn’t want anything this year. We all know better so that’s why this tennis bracelet, from the world renowned designer Simon G, is the perfect gift for her. With its unmatched craftsmanship and design, this piece of jewellery is red carpet worthy! Even if her red carpet consists of everyone’s gift wrappings spread all over the floor!


“She Lights Up the Room”


Do you know a special lady who just happens to light up the room no matter where she goes?  Why not buy her Forevermark diamonds to match her sparkling personality? After all, “A Diamond Is Forever”! Only the top one percent of diamond are chosen to be Forevermark, and her one-of-a-kind personality deserves nothing less!


Happy Holidays!

The La Mine d’Or Family

Top 5 Wedding Gifts

Wedding Season is almost upon us, so as you likely know, wedding planning season has already begun!

Along with all the excitement, comes a lengthy list of To Do’s which includes: booking the venue, hiring a DJ and caterer, buying the wedding dress; and the list could go on endlessly. Everything is planned down to the finest details.

Last but not least comes the thought of wedding day gifts for your groom/bride, bridal party, groomsmen, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and once again where do you finally stop?

Being a part of your big day is what we love, that’s why La Mine d’Or is here to help you pick the Top Five Gift Ideas that are sure to be treasured for years to come!

1.First on your list is your bride, of course.

Forevermark Earring Banner Sized







The Bride has worked long and hard to make her “dream” wedding come true. So it is time to top off her expectations with a jaw-dropping surprise, none other than Forevermark diamond stud earrings. Known for their rarity and beauty, it is the perfect symbol of undying love on your wedding day.

2.The groom

David Cufflinks Edited

When it comes to the groom he deserves nothing but the finest for this once in a lifetime occasion. Add a touch of masculinity and elegance to his crisp Tuxedo. A pair of Davidoff cuff-links will impress not only him, but they might get an envious eye or two from the groomsmen as well.

3.Mother of the Bride

Soho Rose Bracelet

For the Mother of the Bride a simple “Thank-you” just won’t suffice. Gift her with a fashionable piece of Soho Jewellery, which will not only compliment her carefully selected gown on her daughter’s wedding day, but can be worn as an everyday accessory as well.






4.Mother of the Groom

Pearl Set cropped

They say that first impressions matter, so why not start strong with a classic set of pearl earrings and a pearl strand. A gift she will be sure to treasure for years to come.




5.Bridal Party

Kate Spade watch Cropped


You’ve already thanked them again and again, but words just aren’t adequate for the time and effort they put into your big day. It’s time to give back with a fun, chic and trending Kate Spade watch while smiling over a glass of bubbly. Let the festivities begin!



Kind Regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family