Forevermark: The Promise of a Beautiful Diamond

If you know the Diamond Guys or you’ve ever read our blog, you’ll know that we stand by our motto: “no two diamonds are created equal”. Two diamonds graded exactly the same on paper can have wide variations in value. And there’s a reason for that: one diamond is prettier, sparkles more, and shows more “life” than the other. Only the naked eye can tell you whether a diamond is beautiful…not a piece of paper.

Over the past decade, the internet has seen a surge of diamond dealers. They all have one thing in common: they train you to believe that if you get a particular grade of diamond, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful. We prove this fallacy to our clients on a daily basis and as often as possible. There’s a reason why jewellers are good at what they do, and it takes years of education and experience to train for the most subtle differences diamonds can show.

Alas, someone has come to the playing field with what we believe is a game changer. Diamonds which are evaluated not just by the 4Cs, but for their overall beauty. Because, as we’ve taught you over the years:

“The 4Cs won’t guarantee you a beautiful diamond. But more often than not, a beautiful diamond will give you superior 4Cs.”

The Forevermark Promise is just that. Not only have the diamonds been carefully selected at birth, but they’re constantly re-evaluated throughout their transformation. Only the best and most beautiful diamonds (the top 1%) can qualify to be Forevermark. Not only are the qualified diamonds shown to have superior 4C qualities, but they’re evaluated by human and machine to guarantee a beautiful diamond.


Forevermark Grades

Forevermark uses the strictest of standards. Not only do gemologists grade the diamond, but a machine also does the grading. From a 4Cs perspective, Forevermark diamonds must meet the following guidelines before even considered by the most critical human eyes to determine whether it’s truly beautiful.

Clarity: Flawless to SI2

Color: D to L

Cut: Excellent to Very Good

Carat Weight: 0.14ct is the minimum diamond size for which Forevermark will put it’s inscription on it.

Forevermark Inscription

The Forevermark inscription is 1/20th of a micron; i.e., 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair. It cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires a special “viewer” to see. Unlike other laser inscriptions which typically located on a diamond’s girdle, the Forevermark inscription is located directly in the center of the diamond’s table. The inscription also allows you to register the diamond in your name.


Beautiful, rare, and ethically sourced, but more importantly…uniquely yours.

Coming to La Mine d’Or in Fall 2015.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family



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