Contest Inspired by a Picture

Inspired by a Picture

On February 20th, 2012, a lovely couple posted this wonderful picture on our Facebook page, along with the message “Thank you, La Mine d’Or! Our engagement was perfect ♥”. The picture went around the store and was quickly dubbed the “She Said Yes! Picture”.

We were truly inspired by the picture. It’s funny how sometimes we lose sight of the important things in life while myopically starring at what we consider to be the big picture. As jewellers we get to see and participate in many peoples’ special moments, but seldom can we witness them.

This picture really snapped us back to reality and taught us to appreciate what we do: help and guide you into some of the most precious moments in your life. This is what this picture meant to us and we felt that we needed to share that with everyone.

In wanting to share this story with you, we also felt like celebrating it. We want to hear more stories and ideas that inspire us all and help us remember what is truly important in everyone’s quest to find love. For this, we are proud to present the She Said Yes! Contest where everyone is invited to share videos telling us their proposal stories. The winner will receive a $7,000 Ritani engagement ring. So whether you want to re-enact the moment, renew your vows, or are planning to propose, come share your love. We hope to find stories as inspiring as the picture that gave birth to this moment.

Thanks Brooke & Wade!


The La Mine d’Or Family



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