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Why You’re My Forever – Another Touching Story

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Last month we had a Video Contest. To enter, we asked people to tell us why their significant other is their “Forever”. We had multiple entries with heartfelt stories; some of which definitely left us teary-eyed. Some folks really poured their hearts out!

Needless to say, there can only be one winner! This fine gentleman missed the deadline but wanted to share with everyone why his special someone is his Forever, regardless of the contest. Kudos to Luc for reminding us that we should be telling people special in our lives how much we love them, regardless of a contest.

Way to go Luc! You won more than a prize in our books ; )

Here’s what Luc wrote on his Forever’s Facebook Wall one morning a few weeks ago:

Thinking we would never get married because it is sooo expensive I’m jumping on a golden opportunity for the last step of our lives to be complete….Why is my fiance my forever well where to begin…

We met in 2005 when I was suppose to go on a date with her best friend and 2 days later BAM On a date with her. It lasted about a month; WHY? Because I’m dumb and I went with my ex again.

In 2009, November 1st,  hungover sitting at my computer desk, I decide to go on Facebook to see what she’s up to these days without thinking she would give me another shot. HELLO! The same night we go watch a movie. Since that day everything we did, we did together; we laughed, fought, cried and made kids of course.

The kid part was quite the rollercoaster ride as some of you may already know…7 or 8 pregnancies, I lost count . The one pregnancy that really tested our relationship, strength, and perseverance was when we gave birth to our little bundle of joy Samuel,  March 19 2011. Twenty-two weeks, so happy the crucial period of 3 months had passed, going for our first ultrasound which turned out to be a definite nightmare!

Samuel was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, which affects the chromosomes. We were faced with the decision knowing the odds were slim to go with it or terminate the pregnancy. We sat, talked, cried to finally come to an understanding that we could not let a child suffer in such a way. Knowing multiple open heart surgeries, or even a heart transplant, were on the way starting the day he was born. That’s still a moment in our lives that touches us deeply.

We held our heads high and in February 2012 our perseverance paid off with the birth of our little Sofia, who’s now all grown up at almost 4 years of age. For the next 2 years we had no luck on having another child;  we had 3 miscarriages. At that point we were thinking she couldn’t carry boys. Our little Cédric surprised us all when we went for the ultrasound and she said it was a BOY! We had mixed emotions of being happy and nervous because we wanted our little boy to be 100% healthy. And he was! We finally got a chance to meet our little buddy on June 12th, 2015. That morning I was getting ready for work and she said “you’re coming with me, I think I’m in labour!” (haha). Now we are a wonderful family of four living in Cocagne with a pretty little angel watching over us…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Speed bumps made us stronger in ways that I couldn’t imagine. They say when you can get used to living together you’re made for each other; but that’s only a tiny test in my opinion. Married would be a tiny detail but would definitely add a milestone to our ups and downs in our 6 years together.

AND THAT’s why you are my forever and I should have won the 5000$ from La Mine d’Or in Moncton. The only problem is that I only found out about the contest the day after the deadline for video entries, but I still thought I would share what I wrote with you.

Have a great day!

Love You XoX


Luc Comeau - Family Pic

See our Video Contest Montage here:

La Mine d’Or’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts – 2015 Jewellery Edition with Brownie Points

Well it’s that time of year again. Many of us are left scratching our heads wondering how to spoil that Special Someone. If you’re reading this, hopefully it isn’t 6pm on December 24th while waiting Brownie Pointsin line at your local pharmacy with a handful of Gift Cards (I have a fond memory of being “that guy”).

Anyhow, this is our Second Edition of La Mine d’Or’s TOP 10 Christmas Gifts, Jewellery Edition. We hope it inspires all of you fellow Romeo and Juliettes! To make things even easier, we’ve added a Brownie Point scale to each of the gift suggestions, just in case you’re keeping count ; )

Happy Holidays!!!

Fancy Bezel Ring


#10 – Custom Diamond Ring: Does she have a couple diamond lying around? Perhaps something that means the world to her, but just isn’t her style anymore. Well, let us take the diamonds out of her old jewellery and place them into one of these beautiful rings! Repurposing has it’s merits ; ) – Mounts start at $1000, and rings already made start at $2100.

Brownie Points: 2 to 4 depending on the customization factor.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring#9 – Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring – This masterpiece carries a diamond so yellow you’ll feel the warmth of the sun staring back at you. We have a variety of styles mounted with some of the most stunning fancy yellow diamonds you’ll ever see! Starting at $5399.

Brownie Points:  4 to 10 depending on whether you’re proposing or if it’s a “just because”.



T-Complication#8 – Tissot T-Complication Squelette – Pure art! This limited production timepiece is an absolute statement for his wrist. Very hard to get, this piece is a very special addition to a lucky guy’s collection. $2250.

Brownie Points: 4 to 8, and he may be wondering what you “really want”.




Pink Gold Diamond Hoops#7 – Diamond Hoop Earrings: Ears deserve to sparkle! Need we say more? Available in a variety of sizes and colors, starting at $219.

Brownie Points: 2 to 5.





#6 – Stackable Diamond Rings – Stackable rings is the perfect addition to any jewellery box. They add variety to any finger they adorn, and not only that, they’re fun! $279 each.

Brownie Points: 2 to 4.



Sapphire Bracelet - Side


#5 – Sapphire Tennis Bracelet: Some of the most mesmerizing blues she’ll ever see! A bracelet fit for a queen, starting at $7000.

Brownie Points: 5 to 7.


Gucci Watch



#4 – Gucci Watch – A Swiss Classic, guaranteed never to go out of style.  Starting at $595.

Brownie Points: 2 to 3.







#3 – Rolex Submariner: A true Classic Rolex, and almost every man’s dream watch. $9750.

Brownie Points: 5 to 7.







Morganite Set


#2 – Morganite Earring, Pendant and Ring Set:  If fashion is what she likes, then Morganite has definitely entered her vocabulary at some point. The pastel pink of Morganite is like no other. See store for details.

Brownie Points: 4 to 5.





Forevermark Studs#1 – Forevermark Diamond Studs: Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced, these are by far some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL diamonds we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure she’ll agree! Forevermark Diamonds are the TOP 1% of the World’s Diamonds and are now available EXCLUSIVELY at La Mine d’Or. Starting at $1500.

Brownie Points: 4 to 8.