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Diamond Cuts: The Classics are Making a Comeback

In a world where everyone wants to express themselves in a truly unique way, when it comes to engagement rings, nothing speaks louder than the diamond cut you choose. In our last post we spoke about building your custom dream ring, so this time we’ll talk about the diamond your ring will showcase.

Over the past decade, the predominant cuts typically sold have been Round Brilliant and Princess Cut. But  with this newfound affinity to express ourselves in unique ways, we’re seeing a resurgence in a variety of “fancy cuts”, such as the Cushion Cut, the Oval, and the Emerald Cut; we’ll call these fancy cuts from this point forward. That being said, few people know that these cuts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are more appealing than others.

Here are a few differences

Fancy cuts don’t have set proportional guidelines; however, some proportions are known to be more appealing than others. For example, a Round Brilliant cut is round. A circle is easy to objectify: is it perfectly round? Yes or No? Same goes for a Princess cut: is it square? Yes or No? On the other hand when we talk about an Oval there’s no set standard: some are narrower, some are fatter, etc. The possibilities are endless. Same goes for Cushion and Emerald cuts (and any other fancy cuts).

So what’s the secret? 

Oval Shape RatiosFind a jeweller you can trust and have him/her show you a few different diamonds. Compare them and talk about what you like and dislike about each. There’s always Marquise Cuts - Shapesone that’ll be most appealing to your eye. The interesting thing about this exercise is that the diamond you find most appealing will be found most appealing by 99% of us. It’s subconscious! Our brain responds by giving us a good feeling when we see something appealing to our eyes. Look at the picture of the Oval cuts and the Marquise cuts, and before reading on, choose which ones looks more appealing to you:

99% of you said the third from the left for either picture. You can repeat the same exercise for all fancy cuts. Some differences are subtle, but seen side-by-side your brain clicks on the most appealing shape every time. In fact, the most appealing shapes are typically more valuable as well. Therefore, and most importantly, don’t base yourself on the grade of a lab report…you have to see the diamond! A lab report won’t tell you whether the diamond is appealing or not, only your own eyes can tell you the truth.

So come and get those fancy shapes and make your custom dream ring a reality!

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family