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Custom Design your Engagement Ring

We see it more and more, people see a picture of a ring (or any piece of jewellery) they love and that’s “the one”. But where do you find it? Many people don’t realize that with today’s technology, anything can be made.The Inspiration - final

Here’s a common scenario: a guy walks into the store with a picture of a ring. He says, “She pinned this on her Pinterest account with a note saying “This is my dream ring!”, The Design - finaldo you have it?”. As is often the case, there are several variations to a particular style, but the common answer is “No, but I canThe Finale - final definitely have it made”. The picture is then sent to a CAD designer who, to the best of his ability, makes a rendering of the ring in┬áthe picture. Slight variations are expected because a single picture doesn’t offer all angles of the ring. A preliminary design is then shown to the client, who can then make small variations based on style, detailing, color of the gold, etc.

Once approved, the design is sent to a 3D printer which cuts a mould of the ring. The mould is then cast in gold or platinum (the client’s choice). The ring’s details are then added, such as custom engravings, etchings, etc. The diamonds are then mounted into the ring which is then polished as a finished piece.

Voila! You have the ring she’s always dreamed of…you’re her hero!

I know what you must be thinking right now…”Yeah Right! Who can afford that!?”. Well, you’d be surprised. A custom ring typically only costs, on average 10 to 20% more. This is normally due to the design costs. But think about it, you’re giving her exactly what she wanted. Deep down, she’s going to know you’ve been paying attention. And then you can say, “I built this just for you!”.

If you’re lucky enough to know what she likes without ruining the surprise, the added effort will be worth it. The memory of the look on her face when she sees the ring will be worth every second, and will last forever.

If you’d like a custom designed ring, feel free to come and see us. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family