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Diamond Simulants and Synthetics: The Battle of the Fakes

As we mentioned in previous posts, we like to take our inspiration for blog topics from things we hear from you. Accordingly, this week we received a very unfamiliar request…twice! On two seperate occasions we had people ask if we dealt with Moissanite, which is really odd because it’s not generally popular as compared to Cubic Zirconia (CZ). First and foremost, let’s talk about diamond impostors for a minute and then give you our answer.

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A She Said Yes Love Story

It’s funny how life has a way to propel us in certain directions and how, in retrospect, the difference between one person’s action can make the difference between an amazing adventure or a mere afterthought.

Month’s ago a colleague approached everyone and said, “Did you see the picture of the couple on our Facebook page?”. Most of us said, “What are you talking about Mike?”. Not knowing what to expect, were held aback by the picture we saw.
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JCK Las Vegas 2012 – Choices, Choices, Choices

As the sun rose on Las Vegas on May 29th, 2012, the doors opened to Luxury by JCK. The Luxury show is an invitation only event which begins three days before the JCK Show. Here, the top brands in the world began showcasing their new designs often decorated with the rarest stones on earth. From the 0.87ct pink diamond worth $160,000, to a Yellow Diamond bracelet worth $3,000,000, there was no lack of jaw-dropping pieces for which 3 levels of security were guarding at every corner.

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