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DANGER: Online Jewellery Shopping and Seizure Auctions

These days, everyone is looking for the best deals, and who can blame them. Online shopping has made most consumer goods readily available with a click-of-a-button in the comfort of your own home. Also, the increased popularity of “police seizure” and storage locker auctions by primetime TV shows such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters has everyone thinking they’re pros. There are certain things, however, you should be extremely weary about buying online and buying at auctions, and jewellery is no exception. We’ll address both.

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Yellow Diamond Syndrome

These days, clients who come into the store are much more educated about diamonds and how to shop for them. Most learn about the 4Cs and become overly obsessive about clarity and color. It’s normal; these are the only attributes where they can judge with their own eyes. However, once you hit certain clarity grades (normally VS or above), clarity characteristics become very difficult to discern to the untrained eye. Therefore, people get hooked on judging color.

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The Truth about Old Gold

How many flyers have you gotten in the mail lately from companies wanting to buy your Old Gold? How about the full page ads in the newspaper or the cheesy TV commercials? I can’t count them anymore. It seems like everyone has jumped onto the Old Gold bandwagon, literally! Just last week my mailbox was packed with travelling “roadshow” ads wanting to buy old gold at a local hotel conference room. A few other ads wanted me to mail-in my gold…really!? There’s a recipe for disaster, and I’m sure FedEx would love to sell me insurance on that package (but that’s a topic for another day).

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Contest Inspired by a Picture

Inspired by a Picture

On February 20th, 2012, a lovely couple posted this wonderful picture on our Facebook page, along with the message “Thank you, La Mine d’Or! Our engagement was perfect ♥”. The picture went around the store and was quickly dubbed the “She Said Yes! Picture”.

We were truly inspired by the picture. It’s funny how sometimes we lose sight of the important things in life while myopically starring at what we consider to be the big picture. As jewellers we get to see and participate in many peoples’ special moments, but seldom can we witness them.

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