Top 5 Wedding Gifts

Wedding Season is almost upon us, so as you likely know, wedding planning season has already begun!

Along with all the excitement, comes a lengthy list of To Do’s which includes: booking the venue, hiring a DJ and caterer, buying the wedding dress; and the list could go on endlessly. Everything is planned down to the finest details.

Last but not least comes the thought of wedding day gifts for your groom/bride, bridal party, groomsmen, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and once again where do you finally stop?

Being a part of your big day is what we love, that’s why La Mine d’Or is here to help you pick the Top Five Gift Ideas that are sure to be treasured for years to come!

1.First on your list is your bride, of course.

Forevermark Earring Banner Sized







The Bride has worked long and hard to make her “dream” wedding come true. So it is time to top off her expectations with a jaw-dropping surprise, none other than Forevermark diamond stud earrings. Known for their rarity and beauty, it is the perfect symbol of undying love on your wedding day.

2.The groom

David Cufflinks Edited

When it comes to the groom he deserves nothing but the finest for this once in a lifetime occasion. Add a touch of masculinity and elegance to his crisp Tuxedo. A pair of Davidoff cuff-links will impress not only him, but they might get an envious eye or two from the groomsmen as well.

3.Mother of the Bride

Soho Rose Bracelet

For the Mother of the Bride a simple “Thank-you” just won’t suffice. Gift her with a fashionable piece of Soho Jewellery, which will not only compliment her carefully selected gown on her daughter’s wedding day, but can be worn as an everyday accessory as well.






4.Mother of the Groom

Pearl Set cropped

They say that first impressions matter, so why not start strong with a classic set of pearl earrings and a pearl strand. A gift she will be sure to treasure for years to come.




5.Bridal Party

Kate Spade watch Cropped


You’ve already thanked them again and again, but words just aren’t adequate for the time and effort they put into your big day. It’s time to give back with a fun, chic and trending Kate Spade watch while smiling over a glass of bubbly. Let the festivities begin!



Kind Regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family

Why You’re My Forever – Another Touching Story

Entry Pic

Last month we had a Video Contest. To enter, we asked people to tell us why their significant other is their “Forever”. We had multiple entries with heartfelt stories; some of which definitely left us teary-eyed. Some folks really poured their hearts out!

Needless to say, there can only be one winner! This fine gentleman missed the deadline but wanted to share with everyone why his special someone is his Forever, regardless of the contest. Kudos to Luc for reminding us that we should be telling people special in our lives how much we love them, regardless of a contest.

Way to go Luc! You won more than a prize in our books ; )

Here’s what Luc wrote on his Forever’s Facebook Wall one morning a few weeks ago:

Thinking we would never get married because it is sooo expensive I’m jumping on a golden opportunity for the last step of our lives to be complete….Why is my fiance my forever well where to begin…

We met in 2005 when I was suppose to go on a date with her best friend and 2 days later BAM On a date with her. It lasted about a month; WHY? Because I’m dumb and I went with my ex again.

In 2009, November 1st,  hungover sitting at my computer desk, I decide to go on Facebook to see what she’s up to these days without thinking she would give me another shot. HELLO! The same night we go watch a movie. Since that day everything we did, we did together; we laughed, fought, cried and made kids of course.

The kid part was quite the rollercoaster ride as some of you may already know…7 or 8 pregnancies, I lost count . The one pregnancy that really tested our relationship, strength, and perseverance was when we gave birth to our little bundle of joy Samuel,  March 19 2011. Twenty-two weeks, so happy the crucial period of 3 months had passed, going for our first ultrasound which turned out to be a definite nightmare!

Samuel was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome, which affects the chromosomes. We were faced with the decision knowing the odds were slim to go with it or terminate the pregnancy. We sat, talked, cried to finally come to an understanding that we could not let a child suffer in such a way. Knowing multiple open heart surgeries, or even a heart transplant, were on the way starting the day he was born. That’s still a moment in our lives that touches us deeply.

We held our heads high and in February 2012 our perseverance paid off with the birth of our little Sofia, who’s now all grown up at almost 4 years of age. For the next 2 years we had no luck on having another child;  we had 3 miscarriages. At that point we were thinking she couldn’t carry boys. Our little Cédric surprised us all when we went for the ultrasound and she said it was a BOY! We had mixed emotions of being happy and nervous because we wanted our little boy to be 100% healthy. And he was! We finally got a chance to meet our little buddy on June 12th, 2015. That morning I was getting ready for work and she said “you’re coming with me, I think I’m in labour!” (haha). Now we are a wonderful family of four living in Cocagne with a pretty little angel watching over us…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Speed bumps made us stronger in ways that I couldn’t imagine. They say when you can get used to living together you’re made for each other; but that’s only a tiny test in my opinion. Married would be a tiny detail but would definitely add a milestone to our ups and downs in our 6 years together.

AND THAT’s why you are my forever and I should have won the 5000$ from La Mine d’Or in Moncton. The only problem is that I only found out about the contest the day after the deadline for video entries, but I still thought I would share what I wrote with you.

Have a great day!

Love You XoX


Luc Comeau - Family Pic

See our Video Contest Montage here:

La Mine d’Or’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts – 2015 Jewellery Edition with Brownie Points

Well it’s that time of year again. Many of us are left scratching our heads wondering how to spoil that Special Someone. If you’re reading this, hopefully it isn’t 6pm on December 24th while waiting Brownie Pointsin line at your local pharmacy with a handful of Gift Cards (I have a fond memory of being “that guy”).

Anyhow, this is our Second Edition of La Mine d’Or’s TOP 10 Christmas Gifts, Jewellery Edition. We hope it inspires all of you fellow Romeo and Juliettes! To make things even easier, we’ve added a Brownie Point scale to each of the gift suggestions, just in case you’re keeping count ; )

Happy Holidays!!!

Fancy Bezel Ring


#10 – Custom Diamond Ring: Does she have a couple diamond lying around? Perhaps something that means the world to her, but just isn’t her style anymore. Well, let us take the diamonds out of her old jewellery and place them into one of these beautiful rings! Repurposing has it’s merits ; ) – Mounts start at $1000, and rings already made start at $2100.

Brownie Points: 2 to 4 depending on the customization factor.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring#9 – Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring – This masterpiece carries a diamond so yellow you’ll feel the warmth of the sun staring back at you. We have a variety of styles mounted with some of the most stunning fancy yellow diamonds you’ll ever see! Starting at $5399.

Brownie Points:  4 to 10 depending on whether you’re proposing or if it’s a “just because”.



T-Complication#8 – Tissot T-Complication Squelette – Pure art! This limited production timepiece is an absolute statement for his wrist. Very hard to get, this piece is a very special addition to a lucky guy’s collection. $2250.

Brownie Points: 4 to 8, and he may be wondering what you “really want”.




Pink Gold Diamond Hoops#7 – Diamond Hoop Earrings: Ears deserve to sparkle! Need we say more? Available in a variety of sizes and colors, starting at $219.

Brownie Points: 2 to 5.





#6 – Stackable Diamond Rings – Stackable rings is the perfect addition to any jewellery box. They add variety to any finger they adorn, and not only that, they’re fun! $279 each.

Brownie Points: 2 to 4.



Sapphire Bracelet - Side


#5 – Sapphire Tennis Bracelet: Some of the most mesmerizing blues she’ll ever see! A bracelet fit for a queen, starting at $7000.

Brownie Points: 5 to 7.


Gucci Watch



#4 – Gucci Watch – A Swiss Classic, guaranteed never to go out of style.  Starting at $595.

Brownie Points: 2 to 3.







#3 – Rolex Submariner: A true Classic Rolex, and almost every man’s dream watch. $9750.

Brownie Points: 5 to 7.







Morganite Set


#2 – Morganite Earring, Pendant and Ring Set:  If fashion is what she likes, then Morganite has definitely entered her vocabulary at some point. The pastel pink of Morganite is like no other. See store for details.

Brownie Points: 4 to 5.





Forevermark Studs#1 – Forevermark Diamond Studs: Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly Sourced, these are by far some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL diamonds we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure she’ll agree! Forevermark Diamonds are the TOP 1% of the World’s Diamonds and are now available EXCLUSIVELY at La Mine d’Or. Starting at $1500.

Brownie Points: 4 to 8.

Forevermark: The Promise of a Beautiful Diamond

If you know the Diamond Guys or you’ve ever read our blog, you’ll know that we stand by our motto: “no two diamonds are created equal”. Two diamonds graded exactly the same on paper can have wide variations in value. And there’s a reason for that: one diamond is prettier, sparkles more, and shows more “life” than the other. Only the naked eye can tell you whether a diamond is beautiful…not a piece of paper.

Over the past decade, the internet has seen a surge of diamond dealers. They all have one thing in common: they train you to believe that if you get a particular grade of diamond, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful. We prove this fallacy to our clients on a daily basis and as often as possible. There’s a reason why jewellers are good at what they do, and it takes years of education and experience to train for the most subtle differences diamonds can show.

Alas, someone has come to the playing field with what we believe is a game changer. Diamonds which are evaluated not just by the 4Cs, but for their overall beauty. Because, as we’ve taught you over the years:

“The 4Cs won’t guarantee you a beautiful diamond. But more often than not, a beautiful diamond will give you superior 4Cs.”

The Forevermark Promise is just that. Not only have the diamonds been carefully selected at birth, but they’re constantly re-evaluated throughout their transformation. Only the best and most beautiful diamonds (the top 1%) can qualify to be Forevermark. Not only are the qualified diamonds shown to have superior 4C qualities, but they’re evaluated by human and machine to guarantee a beautiful diamond.


Forevermark Grades

Forevermark uses the strictest of standards. Not only do gemologists grade the diamond, but a machine also does the grading. From a 4Cs perspective, Forevermark diamonds must meet the following guidelines before even considered by the most critical human eyes to determine whether it’s truly beautiful.

Clarity: Flawless to SI2

Color: D to L

Cut: Excellent to Very Good

Carat Weight: 0.14ct is the minimum diamond size for which Forevermark will put it’s inscription on it.

Forevermark Inscription

The Forevermark inscription is 1/20th of a micron; i.e., 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair. It cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires a special “viewer” to see. Unlike other laser inscriptions which typically located on a diamond’s girdle, the Forevermark inscription is located directly in the center of the diamond’s table. The inscription also allows you to register the diamond in your name.


Beautiful, rare, and ethically sourced, but more importantly…uniquely yours.

Coming to La Mine d’Or in Fall 2015.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family

Forevermark is bringing back “A Diamond is Forever”

If Your a Frog

Ever watch Mad Men? If you did, you definitely know Peggy; the character which poses as the aspiring female workaholic making big strides in a predominantly male industry. She continuously came up with amazing “creative” ads for her clients. Well, let it be known that Peggy’s character is actually based on Frances Gerety. Ms Gerety came up with one of the world’s most famous advertising campaigns: De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever”.

Gerety wrote copy for the De Beers account from 1943 to 1970. She came up with “A Diamond is Forever” in 1947; but the slogan lived on long after her retirement.

Many of us remember the “silhouette” ads, where two people’s silhouettes are shown in a moment where an engagement ring is slipped onto the silhouette’s finger. One of these classic ads is shown below.

THe Mood is Set

The slogan was shown in every De Beers ad since 1948, and in 1999, two weeks before Ms Gerety passed on, Advertising Age named “A Diamond is Forever” the Slogan of the Century. Now you know where Peggy gets her gusto!

Now De Beers is represented by the Forevermark brand. Forevermark promises the most socially responsible, ethical diamonds on the planet. They promise the absolute best diamond quality from the most equitable sources, every step of the way. They understand that people care about where a diamond is from, where its been, and that it has made someone happy every step of the way; from start to finger.

As a celebration of this acheivement, De Beers has decided to re-introduce “A Diamond is Forever”. And why not!? Everyone wants to see what the next generation of a generations old ad campaign will tell us.


Like Chevy re-introducing the Camaro or Dodge bringing back the Charger, De Beers is bringing back a classic in the best of ways. Because like diamonds, good ideas last forever.

With this, we’re also proud to announce that Forevermark will be making it’s way to La Mine d’Or this fall, and everyone’s invited.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family

de beers

How Rare are Colored Diamonds?

colored diamond bracelet

Few people know that diamonds come in almost every color of the rainbow. The reason why so few know is because of how rare most of these colors are. I was doing some research for a client lately and had this interesting conversation with supplier:

Me: “Hi Don, I’ve got a client looking to build a custom ring with six blue diamonds, 0.20ct each.”

Don: “You mean treated blue, right?”

Me: “No. Natural.”

Don: ***insert laughter here***

Me: “What? The client has money and knows what he wants.”

Don: “Ok Ok, I actually sold a 0.08ct natural blue diamond last week. They’re tough to find, but I can get them…the 0.08ct was $25,000, so I figure you’d be looking at six-figures per stone.”

Me: “WHAT@!? I thought pinks were more than blues? We sold a couple this year and they weren’t that much!?”

Don: “Blues make Pinks look plentiful.”


So how rare are certain colored diamonds?

As you all know,in the diamond world rarity equals value. However, when it comes to colored stones, the 4Cs still apply; however, the color element has an massive range of different hues. The attractiveness of the color plays a major role in determining its value. For example, a brownish-red is less attractive than a purplish-red.

In the rarest of the rare, a slight difference in hue can have a massive impact on value. Moreover, the fact that some of these colors are so rare render it impossible to compare.

I was able to find a scale of diamond value by color, but the thing to consider here is that the range of values can vary widely.

  • Red: $2,000,000/carat and more
    • Extremely rare. It is said that less than 10 of these diamonds are found every year. One of the most famous red diamonds is the Moussaieff Red. It’s the biggest red in the world weighing 5.11ct. It’s also internally flawless and has an estimated value of $20,000,000.


  • Intense Purple: $1,500,000/carat and more
  • Intense green: $1,200,000/carat and more
    • Greens pose a particular problem because their color is caused by radiation. They don’t pose a health hazard, however, in most instances it’s hard to determine whether the radiation is natural or lab treated.

Paying $1,200,000 per carat for a lab treated diamond can be hazardous to your health. 

  • Intense greenish-blue: $1,200,000/carat and more
  • Intense blue: $560,000/carat to $1,000,000/carat
    • One the most famous blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond. It weights 45.52 carats and emits a red phosphorescence under UV light. Estimated Value: $200-250 Million USD.


  • Intense pink: $300,000/carat to $750,000/carat
  • Intense yellow-orange: $70,000/carat to $300,000/carat

Most of the best colored diamonds are sold at auction. For instance, the finest selection of pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Australia go up for auction once per year. The amounts fetched for some of these diamonds are astronomical.

It’s a world of color out there! Needless to say, if you’re planning to get a colored diamond, be sure to speak with a gemologist you can trust.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family

Swiss Watch Prices are Going Up

Swiss FrancWell, as with the previous article we wrote about the value of the Canadian Dollar affecting jewellery prices, the Swiss Franc (Switzerland’s unit of Currency) made a major overnight move on January 15th, 2015, vaulting its value 20%. You would think something like this would be temporary, but in this case, it’s here to stay.

Without getting into the technical mumbo-jumbo and economic jargon, it all boils down to the fact that Switzerland sells watches worldwide and that their prices are going up in consequence to this increase in the Swiss Franc. Brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Gucci, just to name a few, produce and export all of their watches from Switzerland. Thus, the unit of currency often used for buying watches made in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. When the value of the Swiss Franc increases 20%, it costs everyone needing to exchange currency into Swiss Francs an extra 20%.

Swiss Watch Logos

So let it be known, Swiss Watch prices are going up. Increases are scheduled to start in the beginning of March. So if you’re eyeing a beautiful watch and aren’t sure about making the move, now’s probably a good time if you want to save a couple bucks.

Kind regards,

The La Mine d’Or Family

How the Value of the Canadian Dollar Affects Jewellery Prices: is it time for an appraisal?

We’ve been hearing it a lot lately: oil prices drop so the value of the Canadian Dollar is going down. While not all of this is bad news (i.e., the value of the Canadian Dollar going down can help with a resurgence in Canadian Manufacturing through exports), it does affect what we pay for diamonds and gold.

Here’s the scoop. Like many imports, diamonds and gold are normally traded in US Currency. When the value of the Canadian Dollar goes down, we pay more to exchange our CDN currency into US Currency.

For example:

  • On February 6th, 2014, one dollar US would cost us $1.10CDN.
  • On February 6th, 2015, that same US dollar costs us $1.25CDN.

CDN Dollar


For example, a $1000US Diamond on February 6th, 2014, would have cost you $1100CDN. But fast forward to February 6th, 2015, and that $1000US Diamond now costs you $1250CDN. That slightly more than a 13% hike. That’s quite the increase for one year, and the same goes for gold and all other precious metals.

These price changes are typically gradual, but have definitely started to take affect in Canada. Diamonds and Gold aren’t the only commodities to succumb to these changes, but just about anything being imported from our neighbours in the US.

Appraisal - Banner

A major thing to take into consideration when you see these increases or decreases is the appraised value of your jewellery. Make sure your appraisals are up to date when you see price fluctuations stick; i.e., don’t chase the volatility, the market only changes when prices really stick.

It’s an  inverse relationship:

  • If the Canadian Dollar goes down (such as is the case now), the CDN dollar value of your jewellery increases.
  • When the value of the Canadian Dollar goes up, the CDN dollar value of your jewellery decreases.

Make sure your properly insured. You don’t want to overpay or be under-insured.

Check with your trusted jeweller and see if now is a good time to have your jewellery re-appraised.

Kindest regards,


The La Mine d’Or Family

La Mine d’Or’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts – 2014 Jewellery Edition

Well, after perusing through a few Google searches about “What’s Hot and What’s Not” for Christmas gifts in 2014, I quickly realized that jewellery was amiss. On that note, we decided to put together our first edition of La Mine d’Or’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts, Jewellery Edition.

Maple-Leaf-Diamond-Bangle-Bracelet#10 – Maple Leaf Diamond Bangle Bracelet – Give her a piece of Canada with this unique bracelet. Beautifully crafted, this bracelet holds seven upper grade Canadian diamonds that weigh a total of 0.69ct. $3400

Elma-Gil-Pendant-Swivel-Halo-Diamond-Pendant-DP300#9 – Elma Gil Designed Swivelling Pendant – This masterpiece can be worn three different ways! Each piece of the pendant swivels to reveal a side littered in upper grade diamonds and the other side in beautiful polished rose or white gold. All this to showcase an exquisite diamond dangling in the center. $4500.

The beauty of these pendants is that they can easily be used to re-purpose a diamond you might not be wearing. So you can pick a style, and we’ll mount your diamond!



Simon-G-Dinner-Ring-MR2616#8 – Simon G Designed Dinner Ring – Pure art! The handcrafted detailing on this ring is sure to take her breath away. Etched by the finest artisans in the world, Simon G never ceases to impress. $3400






#7 – Rolex Yacht-Master II – For the man who has everything, this timepiece is a trophy for his wrist. This watch screams classy, and you likely won’t see two of these in the same room at the same time. $20000




#6 – Stackable Diamond Rings – Stackable rings is the perfect addition to any jewellery box. They add variety to any finger they adorn, and not only that, they’re fun! $269/ea





#5 – Waterman Exception Rollerball Pen – As much as we use keyboards and touch screens to write these days, sometimes we still need to sign on the dotted line. Do it in style. This is what we call a “Closing Pen”. $600

in-out-diamond-hoop-earrings#4 – Diamond Hoops – A Classic. Guaranteed never to go out of style. The inside out style keeps her sparkling on all angles, as she should. $2500

Hoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have them all.





Pearl-Necklace-Akoya#3 – Pearls – Adorned by civilizations going back as far as history records itself, pearls are the true organic gem. Beautiful Akoya Pearls are enough to inspire any outfit. $700

We have every color, size and type of pearl you might be looking for. From the rarest Tahitian Pearls to beautiful freshwater pearls. get a jeweller you trust to explain the differences between the types of pearls. It’s truly a remarkable gem.





KOR4658-RETOUCH_ONLY2#2 – Michael Kors Watch – If fashion is what she likes, then Michael Kors has definitely entered her vocabulary at some point. Littered with crystals, Michael Kors has definitely set the trend for Big, Bold, and Beautiful.  $335






Diamond-Stud-Earrings#1 – Diamond Studs – A gift that keeps on giving, these will be her favorite for years to come. She’ll wear them every day and probably sleep with them on. Now that’s love. Starting at $450





One thing’s for sure, make sure spoil that special someone this Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

The La Mine d’Or Family

The Inventor of Rolex – Hans Wilsdorf

Rolex - Hans Wilsdorf









visionary par excellence – 

Few individuals can be said to have been both of their time and ahead of their time. And yet, Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex and visionary par excellence, was precisely that. This rare and timeless mix epitomizes both the man and the brand he created. The prodigious and prolific innovator, who died in 1960, left an invaluable legacy to watchmaking in general and to Rolex in particular.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a world where the wristwatch is not common currency. Yet, that was the case in 1905. Times were however changing. Lifestyles and dress codes as well. Hans Wilsdorf, only 24, “convinced of its enormous potential in a sports-minded country . . . like Great Britain”, was determined to create a wristwatch as robust and reliable as the pervasive pocket watch, then the order of the day. No easy task. Precision had yet to be perfected in a case of such minuscule proportions, as he distinctly reminds us: “At that period, the wristlet watch was . . . an object of derision. Watchmakers all over the world remained skeptical as to its possibilities and believed this new-fangled object was bound [for] failure.”


Hans-Wilsdorf-Tommy-TaylorIt was especially Hans Wilsdorf’s unbridled daring and determination that led to the development of the ubiquitous wristwatch and catapulted the Rolex brand to the distinguished position it has occupied for over acentury. As early as 1914, in a letter from a body of lifelong and lively correspondence, the resolute Hans Wilsdorf proclaimed: “We want to be the first . . . and the Rolex watch should be regarded as the one and only, thebest!” A crystal ball could not have been any clearer.

Indeed, not only did Hans Wilsdorf shape our perception of the wristwatch per se, its place, its purpose and its potential. He also made Rolex the ultimate reference in fine watchmaking, by consistently upholding the immutable values that defy time. Quality, passion and excellence. To this day, that very spirit, fired as much by dedication and perseverance as by foresight and imagination, permeates every Rolex workshop, every research laboratory, every department, confirming what Wilsdorf knew, in his heart of hearts, to be true from the very start: “Originality and quality [must be] our slogan for the future in every country. Every [Rolex] watch must be an ambassador of quality.”


Rolex Chronometric CertificationHans Wilsdorf’s uncanny ability to take the pulse and set the pace of his times, respond with incomparable deftness and reactivity, and anticipate customers’ evolving needs translated into an unprecedented number of firsts for the brand and for the industry. From chronometric certification to the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, from the Perpetual rotor to the Professional watch models.

COSC logo“Rolex must continuously strive to think and act differently from the rest. Therein lies my greatest strength,” wrote Hans Wilsdorf.

That non-stop spirit of enterprise and innovation extended to every conceivable domain, from intellectual property – and the wisdom of coining, registering and protecting, as early as 1908, a resonant brand name such as Rolex – to avant-garde marketing, communication and testimonial advertising strategies, light years ahead of their time.



By adhering tenaciously to the traditional values he held dear, ever vigilant in the present and continuously imagining the future, Hans Wilsdorf created a truly timeless brand, at once classic and contemporary, and found a virtually magical formula for perpetuity, the very alchemy of the Rolex brand. At 70 plus, Hans Wilsdorf displayed the same unflagging spirit of his early years: “I am over 75 years old. However, I am still full of enthusiasm for the watchmaking cause, to which I regularly contribute fresh ideas.”


No doubt, his resounding message to us today would be the selfsame message of yesteryear: “Step boldly. Success demands courage and iron will.”